Forget the hookah lounge!

order a Hubble bubble HOOKAH and enjoy it anywhere you like

So how does this work?

We’ve made Hubble Bubble easy to use so you can stay stress-free.
Think of it like pizza delivery, the only difference is we pick it up when you’re finished.

Choose Your Flavor

Choose from our list of flavors made by the two best hookah tobacco companies in the world.

Give us a call

Choose a flavor and an amount of how many hookahs you’d like and we will get it delivered to you.


Get it delivered right to your doorstep, schedule a time for pick-up and that’s it!


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Using Hubble Bubble
will save you money

Let's do the math.

Let’s say you’re in the mood for a hookah. Hookah lounges typically charge anywhere from $15-$20 for a single hookah. Somewhere between smoking and talking, you start craving a cup of coffee. $3. While you’re sipping on your mid-grade, over-priced coffee, the conversation with your friends has died down and your eyes begin to wander. Your eye catches the TV, there’s a soccer game on. You hate soccer. You go to the bathroom and the light is flickering and you begin to feel like you’re in the 10th century. You go back to your table and realize your hookah is gone. You ask the waiter what happened and he tells you he thought you didn’t want it anymore. The frustration makes you thirsty so you ask for a bottle of water. $2. You get fed up and want to leave, so you ask for the check. You get the check. $25 + tax. Plus tip. You end up paying $29 and unsatisfied. That’s not considering the cost of the gas you needed for the trip to the hookah lounge.

Get a Hubble Bubble hookah and never experience bad service again. Enjoy your hookah on your own terms. Don’t settle for mid-grade.

You’ll want to smoke it till there’s nothing left

You can smoke our hookahs for as long as you like. If you want to overnight it, that’s okay as well. Smoke hookah on your own time.

Enjoy more hookah

Enjoy double the hookah with an extra head for only $4.99. We highly recommend this to our experienced smokers as it will save you $15.

Try Hubble Bubble Today

For under $25, you will get a hookah and a roll of coal (10 coals) to get you started. Our professionals will guide you through the process if you need it.